We build rooms to live in

Sleep days away on satin patterned linen

We sit at tables to eat foods we don’t like

Because our partner’s taste are different

and it’s they who we like

These rooms that we live in

Allow banquets of all that we’re given

We sing great songs

Write poems to moms

To sing to their children

So the young can sing along

We create the boxes we live in

We call them rooms



Preferences and


No opposite

Only differences to relate

Together we live

In the point we create



I got work at 5

And if it’s really 4:30

I’ma need a ride

I would call out but I can’t even try

Holidays are blacked out for weeks so…

I’ma need a ride




    This process I protect

I precede half hopeless

To succeed I focus

On what authority has told us

We’re all fractions of life

Symbols of the grossest

Here to expand the soulless

I clock in at 5:07


Bit happy

Friend slapped me

Yelled at me

“Happy Valentine’s Day

I haven’t seen you since last week”


If I’m not here, get at me

This isn’t my life

I welcome being at home, gladly

We start in


    We want work to work

From clerk to clerk

Paycheck to paycheck

Shirt to shirt

My reason is selfish

If I could sell fish

Well wish

Smoke weed and hell sit

I’m cool for 30 hours a week

I feel this

But feel this

I persist half hearted

The experience is hellish

I feel this

I clock out

A need to get home

Uber pool or Uber alone?

2 dollar difference on a thousand dollar phone

I zoom along

Mind moving faster than the buildings I can’t focus on

Get home at one

I sit

I write


I hit my height

No censorship

Only persistence to take flight

Told by none

The pen moves for fun

To escape this world I’m of

I let the pen tip run

Peace coming from above

The spirit’s breathe back in my lungs

Valentine’s Day

This is how I write my Love

One Hand Clapping

There is nothing to figure out

Nothing we can do but live it now

What part of the ocean wrote its equation?

And if the equations didn’t work out

Would there be no more ocean to play with?

Limit life to a line

Live a life through a time

A challenge to the mind

but when it’s done, it’s finished

Life is a rhyme

To pretend we don’t know

To imagine alone

We’re walking this road

Tragic until home

The tragic is us

We were never lost or alone

We move in

We move out

We understand

Then give baffled accounts

We act like this makes sense

But deep down

There is no figuring about


People are silly

They get angry when they live in a city

Complain like

“I don’t mean to be picky

but this city’s too big

which is why it’s so shitty”

People are creative

The state of their name

Produces hallucinations

Inflation of the world in their brain

Every person creates it

People are smart

You say

“Yes, SOME people are”

But who makes that distinction

Where does it start?

Who is the judge

Who labeled him so smart?

Who labeled the labeler?

Who decided value for what a brain’s been taught?

Is intelligence just thought?

Or is intelligence beyond

The ruler smart is measured on?

People are people

Many different forms

But people are equal

Not on the same plane

But stay playing the same game

The variance

The variety of awareness


Different areas of experience


People are people


I want to own at least my house

At least my spouse

Lease my car

Saving increased amounts

Control my income

Control morality by being a Christian

Take the high road with one exception

I can travel the low one too

For I need a weapon

I  want to own

Everything in the world

I want it known

I own the land for good

Name on every building

So that history will understand

A man who was never understood

Why Are Why Here?

What can I give you?

When nothing compares

To what’s already in you

True value is timeless

You see it lives in you once find it


What can I give?

For I am not you

But I’m happy you live

I wanna hang out

Play around like some kids

I play with my words

But I’ll say it like this

The relation we love basis is give

A view point thats not me

Is what I needed to live

Let’s play

For that’s the only thing I can give

Drunken Style

Rolling syllables like a tie

You see what I meant, I can see it in your eye

Definitely high

Lay back


Tabs of acid that seem to rhyme

Fingers tingle

But you feel alright

Slowly focus closes

A new world slowly opens

Unbalanced in a balanced way

Hocus pocus

Magic in your mind

Laugh and then unwind


Let it ride

Now you’re swimming

You feel the tide

Moving, bobbing, sitting

But you feel alright

Feeling high

Absolutely free

As if you’d died


Like you live on high

Dance with the celebration

Float through the sky

This is real life

Once you realize

This is how you feel

When you remember you can fly

End Of The Road

Desire to be the greatest

Play the game like the matrix

Destroy any competitor

Annihilate the sages

Who spoke before time

Their truth they couldn’t say it

The greatest

The first

The latest

The loved

The hated

The greatest

The cost is


A flame in the brain

 heart in a rage

A head in a cage


Everything to be the greatest

From the top of the mountain

What are the faces of the ones who haven’t made it?

Their look is the same as mine…

Without the desire to be the greatest


Problems are like vapor

A good look will burn up the hole of unawareness




Move on

Forget what you know

Act what you saw

Problem too hard?

How heavy’s the load?

Try to solve the unsolvable

Long is the road

A clear eye just knows

It watches the whole

Good times come and they go

Understand the subtle answers

If you can watch and not hold

Welcome Home

It’s always darkest before the dawn

Whatever you sleep on is where you will run

Where you’re from

Is only referencing where you have gone

If you are always home

There is no moving on

No time passing

Now is forever lasting

You welcome chaos because your house is so calm