The Pit


 you have nothing

When you want nothing

When you know nothing

And want to escape

Money is the only way out

Numbers are the way to relate


I Am


a piece of Wim Hoff, Elliott Hulse

Then turned it off

Cold Showers

Conscious breathing

Hard and then soft

Excited for the struggle

The work

The practice

Opportunity to be the worst

I am it

Took a piece from Tony Robbins

First on the screen, then through some headphones

Went home talking like I can do anything

Like I found a cheat code

I felt power like he sent me

Exactly what could get me

Mastery of a subject

All through some cd’s the library lent me

Listened 10,000 hours

I am it

Took a piece from LeBron James

Long games, focused since 14

And not a lot has changed

Strong aim

Played it like it’s all a game

Watched everyone talk down on his name

Then watched him straight clown

Found a seat as eastern conference king

Now his rings are too loud

52 years Cleveland

But how are you doing now?

I am it

A spectator so often

Lessons I was watchin

These men were so lost in

What other than love of a subject?


A light went on in my soul

My body just knows

“This guy is like me”

I want to learn what he knows

I watch

I practice

I go



can’t seem to find me

Rather it’s always behind me

Trust what’s inside me

Logic made by me

For me

And if errors occur

Like if I terror flirt

Like if I flirt with terror

The rarer my fear will look

Stare in the mirror shook

Survivng devils

But look who is breathing care of work

Love of living

If I make it out

I’ll have material to write a book

The Horizon

Up goes

All I know

Of the things I hold

Like status and gold

Left goes

The other side

 No idea

I’ve never tried

Down goes

No not me

No not ever

That’s never me

Right goes

Along with up

What I am

Plus a little luck

The four directions and the center is made

The source that begins the start of each play

Lay with the horizon

To ride what the rhythm has laid

Dinner With A Friend

“When they ask for it,

They’re ready.”

Meatballs and spaghetti

Leave the kitchen at once

“When they see the problem

They’re ready.

There is a back to each front

There is something they aren’t getting

Forgetting themselves….

uhh this restaurant is bad for my health

This is the twelfth time this month…

But yeah, forgetting themselves

They stand in their own way.

Let’s say

I tell you you’re wrong

What then would you say?

Your response will be submissive or aggressive

if neither,

Then dismissive or neglect it


I was always right

Or fight me the one who said it.

If I see your problem

How do I tell you you don’t get it?

You must see it first

One must have the power of which they look…

Should we order dessert?

Orange sherbet has had me going bezerk….

But yeah

They see it and there will be a change in mindset

Re-arrange their time spent

The world will open up

Every answer to every question

They’ll look and they’ll find it.”

Two Of Us

What do you believe in?

What kind of car did you just leave in?

Who’s belief in the world has caused you to forget breathin’

Tell me who

Lives in this feeling

The tone of this moment is tinted by who’s reason?

What do you believe in?

What story do you recite when new people you’re meeting

What keeps you believing?

I ask for a word

Because when I’m with you, I feel a third

Like there’s a standard we must observe

Like you and I aren’t the world

It seems absurd as all can be

I’m overjoyed to finally see you

Thus I ask

What do you believe that tells you that you aren’t valuable to me?

A Day

Sand covered feet

Morning at the beach

Waves decompress

It’s my release



I meet up for lunch

Friends, we haven’t seen each other in months

Laugh the whole time, words didn’t matter much



For me

To grow the love in me

I feel a need

To write what my heart has seen

Pen, paper

And the higher me



Will be over in an hour

Quick shower

Check to see if my shirts are clean

Don’t need to comb my hair

Should probably brush my teeth



Has now gone away


Will now spawn the day

I could do this forever


I’d love another day


This is the final stage

The closing scene of an ending play

Here I’ll die

As the curtains fade

I’ll stand up to leave

Live what I truly wished to this day

The life I thought had long died…


Flip the lights

Cut the music

I think it’s time

Rise through the stage

Rage as if I hate the play

Die, razor blade

As memories are made to fade

I never existed at all

The take away

Done acting

I no longer play that way

The audience files out

I am only me

After today

Water In The Ganges

Pens run out of ink

Pages in a notebook

Can’t capture what I think

No matter how long I write

I always miss the purpose of the thing

I can’t seem to place

What I really mean

I try really hard

Try to show what I see

Try to describe my little world

Try to relate what I be

Tools to communicate

Roll from the tongue slippery

I paint the central focus

But I still miss the key

Further I describe

This story had a point

I’m a little lost

Then I quit

I guess the way I feel is a mystery


I can’t tell you how I did it

But I can share with you what I am

I will bring myself to parties

But I’ll never know where to stand

I end up staring at the fridge

Admiring pictures from Japan

Then I’ll dip out early


“Gee I hope I’m invited again”

My friends get texts with lines from songs I like

Ending with a time to might at night

I pretend to have plan

But really I’m a storyteller

And I don’t give a damn

I’m a man free falling

And all I see is my land

I don’t know how I did it

I’m awkward


I only know right

 because for so long wrong was in my eye

I’m just trying to have fun

For as long as I like

Keep the company I like

The world can keep their heaven

The world here is alright