About The Writer

Born on the Central Coast of California, Jordon Alan has always loved writing. He wrote his first book in the fourth grade but his imagination really took off when he discovered masters of words in conscious and popular rap who inspired him to write about his world and the beauty he found in it. He loves the emotion and proficiency that’s displayed in such artist’s work.

Never a fan of school but always a fan of learning, Jordon began reading personal development greats such as Malcolm Gladwell, Tony Robbins, Robert Greene and later, C.G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, J. Krishnamurti and Osho. These writers helped him understand, relate and improve his own life and cultivated his love for the expression of words in a written and rhythmic form. Soon, Jordon had amassed thousands of pages of his own. In late 2014, he finally decided to release 100 of those poems as a book that would detail his evolution through the last 12 years both psychologically and artistically.

Jordon’s first book, The Experience of Life is a literary documentary expressed through poetry and self-analysis and gives readers a glimpse into his view of the world. Upon completion of the book. Jordon set out on a journey, quitting his job, giving away all his possessions and living life outside of society.

Upon returning, 2 years later, Jordon, now Shaman Cain, began to write at a feverish pace about this new world he had been apart of. No longer adhering to traditional rules, his poetry took a new form and tone previously never explored in human history. He now writes because he loves living and wishes to share his love with others. Enjoy!