I Am


a piece of Wim Hoff, Elliott Hulse

Then turned it off

Cold Showers

Conscious breathing

Hard and then soft

Excited for the struggle

The work

The practice

Opportunity to be the worst

I am it

Took a piece from Tony Robbins

First on the screen, then through some headphones

Went home talking like I can do anything

Like I found a cheat code

I felt power like he sent me

Exactly what could get me

Mastery of a subject

All through some cd’s the library lent me

Listened 10,000 hours

I am it

Took a piece from LeBron James

Long games, focused since 14

And not a lot has changed

Strong aim

Played it like it’s all a game

Watched everyone talk down on his name

Then watched him straight clown

Found a seat as eastern conference king

Now his rings are too loud

52 years Cleveland

But how are you doing now?

I am it

A spectator so often

Lessons I was watchin

These men were so lost in

What other than love of a subject?


A light went on in my soul

My body just knows

“This guy is like me”

I want to learn what he knows

I watch

I practice

I go


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