Dinner With A Friend

“When they ask for it,

They’re ready.”

Meatballs and spaghetti

Leave the kitchen at once

“When they see the problem

They’re ready.

There is a back to each front

There is something they aren’t getting

Forgetting themselves….

uhh this restaurant is bad for my health

This is the twelfth time this month…

But yeah, forgetting themselves

They stand in their own way.

Let’s say

I tell you you’re wrong

What then would you say?

Your response will be submissive or aggressive

if neither,

Then dismissive or neglect it


I was always right

Or fight me the one who said it.

If I see your problem

How do I tell you you don’t get it?

You must see it first

One must have the power of which they look…

Should we order dessert?

Orange sherbet has had me going bezerk….

But yeah

They see it and there will be a change in mindset

Re-arrange their time spent

The world will open up

Every answer to every question

They’ll look and they’ll find it.”


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